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We are a group of Salvadorian leader companies dedicated to the development of National and International tourism, providing integrated services for the tourist business and vacational.

Our mystical work has enabled us to maintain an excellent professional, financial and service record; by doing this, we are the strongest CORPORATION OF TOURISM in the region, backed by 8 companies. This makes each of the companies achieves an excellent business relationship with airlines, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of tourism providers.

With 10 years of experience in the field of tourism, AVITOURS DMC makes our country available as a unique destination for our customers, this being a great hidden treasure not yet discovered by the world, which has beautiful natural scenery, history, culture, archaeology, adventure and much more, which you can get to know with the experience and quality of services that our company can provide, thus exceeding the expectations of our visitors.

Our sister company, specializes in the transport and tourism business. With extensive experience, it has achieved possession in the market as the most exclusive and professional transportation company. It has transport units of different capacities: from cars to 50 passengers Pullman busses.

Receptive Operator Wholesaler specialized in surfing and in adventure tours.

Our mission is to match fun with the beauty of the world that surrounds us, making the opening of tourism throughout the environment, with equity respecting Mother Nature.

Our Travel Agency Retail is part of LALIANXA and GLOBALSTAR TRAVEL NETWORK MANAGEMENT, also one of the 5 platinum agencies of our country. It has positioned in the corporate sector and vacation, and offers its customers the services of AVITOURS. It has a very high projection business and highly trained and experienced personnel.