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Museum of the Beer
, 100 years of Industrias La Constancia, local beer plant. This company produces the national beers Pílsener, Suprema and Regia par excellence. History of the development of this industry and beer tasting at the end of the route.

National museum of Anthropology Dr. “David J. Guzmán” Founded in 1883, the Museum has 5 rooms: Slums, Agriculture, Artisan Production, Commerce and Trade, Religion, Arts and Forms of Communication; in addition to a Temporary Exhibition hall.

Museum of Arts of El Salvador (MARTE)
Three rooms are dedicated to local and international temporary exhibitions; a Great Hall is dedicated permanently to history of Salvadoran painting.

Museum of the Word and the Image. Dedicated to investigate, rescue, preserve and show the public elements of the culture and the history of El Salvador. It has a file with collections of photography, audio, cinema, video, posters, objects and publications on subjects of identity, culture and historical memory. Specialized file: documents and photograph.

Museum of History of the Armed Forces
. Permanent exhibition of historical objects of military governors, military transport, as well as the painting of Luis Vergara Ahumada: “The Shout of Independence”. See the map of El Salvador in high relief and the Pope-Mobile, a vehicle made especially for the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1983 and 1996.

Museum of Aviation. Exhibition of objects relative to the history of the development of aviation in the country, located at the Airport of Ilopango, civil aeronautics and Air Force of El Salvador, Unit of Parachuting.

Museum of Popular Art. Collection of than 4.000 miniatures moulded in mud by craftsmen of Ilobasco. Temporary exhibitions of popular arts.

Museum of the Children “Tin Marín” It is a playful interactive museum for kids, it has area for games, access to the interior of a real passenger airplane and flight deck, practice of different professions at infantile level, like the task of the supermarket, television forum, paintings, and others.

Museum of the City (SANTA TECLA) Sample through photography, maps and documents of important people, historical aspects related to the city.


Regional Western Museum (SANTA ANA).
Located in the old offices of the Central Reserve bank, the Museum exhibits a collection of archaeological pieces from the region, contemporary history of the departments of the West and an impressive Salvadoran numismatic collection. It also has temporary rooms of exhibition.

Museum of the Revolution (PERQUIN, MORAZÁN)
Inaugurated in 1992, learn Salvadoran contemporary history. Its permanent exhibition has arms, objects, images and testimonies of the civil war, as well as a recreation of one guerrilla radio of the time of the war.