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The winds of peace in the era of the post-war period make El Salvador a pleasant and cosy country.

This is a country committed to development and progress, which is demonstrated when the country is fully visited. Our country is as safe as any country in the world, and after the civil war ended it possesses a strategy of security focused on the tourist.

We now have very high rates of security to the tourist in all the tourist routes. The modern Civil National Police, one of the results of the Peace Accords, the document that ended the armed conflict that finished in 1992, with the subdivision of Tourist Police, has made El Salvador as safe as any country in the world and makes it more attractive to thousands of tourists whom we take care of every year.

This country is already a destination even for tourist cruise ships that berth in our ports every year and where up to 500 tourists decide to visit the country's different tourist routes in just one docking.