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According to data from the World Tourism Organization (WTO), during 2000-2003, only Central America demonstrated a tendency of positive growth as a region within the Américas. In El Salvador, the new Ministry of Tourism assures the coordinated development of the sector, reinforcing the potential and the attraction of the country as a tourist destination.
With its stable economy and its democratic system, it is at the moment a dynamic nation in growth that does not seem to have had time to age; like every spring, it seems to have renewed. Every year, the attractiveness of El Salvador as an emergent destination for tourists increases the number of visitors. The aid of a government committed to promote its development in a sustainable way, the most modern airport of Central America - a strategic Center for the main airlines in the region-, an ample diversity of tourist attractions, the excellent internal connectivity, the tourist increasing demand, and the human resource known by their warmth and eager to serve are the reasons for the sector growth.
In only one decade it has been successful in the construction of the best road network and has more sports arenas than anywhere in Central America. Also, it has modernized the technology, its communication and other infrastructures. The national economy has been invigorated by foreign investment. We have projected further consolidation of the services sector for the near future, especially in the tourism sector. This has already resulted in a registered trademark for the state: El Salvador: Impressive! This Ministry knows about the community’s commited with environment protection.