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In these routes, the tourist will experience the Salvadoran idiosyncrasy, its history at three times: pre-Columbian, colonial and republican.

We have archaeological sites like ceremonial centers with pre-Columbian pyramids, and slums; all of them were discovered in the last years.

Other routes are oriented to share the current Salvadoran culture in which the simplicity and warmth of the settlers is shown, the smiles and friendliness that characterize the people of El Salvador, making the tourist feel as if at home.

The crafts are still produced using ancestral methods.

This interesting route covers approximately 70 miles from the capital city to the highest point of El Salvador (hill El Pital 830 feet above sea level). We will visit an archaeological site, artisan towns and historical sites, as well as excellent places to practice Eco and Agro tourism.

CIHUATAN Cihuatán in nahuat language means “City of the Woman” reaches a large territory and was a ceremonial center. The “Ball court” facilities are evidence of one of the main ceremonial activities that the natives had here. The game was played with extremely elastic rubber balls. Other sites rich in traditional and ancestral crafts are: San Sebastián, Ilobasco, Guatajiagua, and Santo Domingo de Guzman.

The Peace Route, in the Department of Morazán, is called thus because of the peaceful life the inhabitants enjoy at the moment after 12 years civil war. Its major scenes are the mountains and natural sites of this beautiful region in the northeast of El Salvador.

The Route of La Paz is integrated by the towns of Perquín, Arambala, Villa El Rosario, Joateca, Cacaopera and Corinto.

Here, the visitor will enjoy a true natural paradise and will share experiences with former guerrilla members to know history and their culture and that of our ancestors, their indigenous traditions, nature, pure air and crystalline water flowing from rivers, cascades and streams. It is a charming place where you discover an unforgettable adventure.